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Introducing Mjölnir

The pump-fed, high-performance engine prototype at New Frontier Aerospace.

Please say hello to the Mjölnir prototype engine! The pump-fed, high-performance engine is not done yet, but New Frontier Aerospace is making great progress testing components and preparing to introduce a new class of rocket – our goal is an engine with reliability and safety characteristics better than today’s jet engines. Mjölnir burns liquid oxygen and natural gas which are both the cheapest propellants on the planet and installed in our boost-cruise aircraft they also enable whisper-quiet 2-hour flights to everywhere on the planet. Even more exciting, they emit 60% less carbon, 90% fewer pollutants, and zero nitrous oxides per cargo ton-mile vs today’s subsonic jets! And when fueled with renewable natural gas net greenhouse gas emissions are NEGATIVE! Welcome to the 21st Century of flight. And thanks to commercial investors and for the head start. Please join us on our journey.


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