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From Farm to Renewable Fuel

We're working on that.

Many companies talking about the future of aviation fuels and the pursuit of net zero fail to mention the potential role of renewable, bio-sourced Methane or Liquified Natural Gas.

This is an important point - and it's why we are focusing on a certified fuel pathway for our hypersonic aircraft that is net carbon negative and exists today - e.g., Bio sourced Compressed & Liquefied Natural Gas (Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG).

According to the California Air Resources Board, the carbon intensity of the Bio-LNG pathway is lower than for alternative jet fuels, hydrogen or even electricity.

Cutting through all the complexities on this chart, the bottom line is that the end-to-end fuel pathway for Bio-sourced natural gas is cleaner than fossil sourced fuels because it prevents methane emissions at the source.

Zero emissions aviation fuels such as hydrogen and electricity are superficially cleaner, but most hydrogen and electricity today are produced from fossil sources.

And alternative jet fuels are marginally cleaner at the source - but their exhaust products are laden with greenhouse gases - similar to fossil fuels.

New Frontier is working with partners in the Renewable LNG space to create the infrastructure and market mechanisms we will need to power a hypersonic transportation revolution that is not only 10x faster than today's aircraft - but also much cleaner.

As we say in our tagline - "two hours to anywhere on Earth - faster and cleaner than jets."

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