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Our Mission

"To deliver cargo and passengers anywhere on Earth in two hours or less - in a renewably fueled, net carbon neutral aircraft."

New Frontier Aerospace, Inc. was founded in 2020 with the vision of shortening painfully long international flights, ending the era of sprawling airport runways and eliminating the billion tonnes of greenhouse gases airliners dump into the atmosphere every year with a hypersonic, renewably fueled, vertical landing aircraft that can deliver passengers and urgent cargo anywhere on the planet 10x faster than today's jets -  with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

New Frontier's revolutionary 3D printed aircraft is powered by an advanced rocket engine that is more affordable and reliable than today's jet engines - and can run on carbon negative, bio-sourced fuel. 

Aboard NFA hypersonic aircraft, passengers can leave New York in the morning, fly a comfortable 2 hour trip with a scenic view of the planet below, land at a Tokyo vertiport, conduct business, shop and be home in time for dinner.

NFA aircraft will connect the world and reduce the barriers of time and distance between people.  Our vision includes a world where humanitarian relief organizations can rush supplies to disaster victims faster, where the military can evacuate casualties faster and where doctors can get urgently needed transplant organs to patients in time to save lives that would otherwise have been lost.

Meet The Team


Alex Tai

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Bill Bruner 
Chief Executive Officer

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Jess Sponable

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David Gregory 
Chief Operating Officer

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Ed Rayner
Commercial Finance

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