Our Team:
We are science, engineering and software experts - and  former NASA and Air Force senior leaders.


Bill Bruner

Bill is a former NASA Associate Administrator, Retired Air Force Colonel and Fighter Weapons School Graduate. As CEO of New Frontier Aerospace, he is using his decades of air and space experience to develop a range of applied technologies for the aviation, space and energy markets.



Jess Sponable

Jess was in the second cadre selected for the Air Force

Space Shuttle Payload

Specialist Program. He directed multiple reusable launch demonstrations & built the first liquid fueled 100% reusable rocket - forerunner of both SpaceX & Blue Origin reusable rockets.



David Gregory

CTO, Ursa Major Technologies, built America’s first oxidizer-rich staged combustion rocket engine


Development Lead, Blue Origin’s Liquid Hydrogen BE-3 engine


Built first 3D printed, regeneratively cooled liquid rocket thrust chamber